11. Tangoweekend with Sebastian Arce

Sebastian Arce will visit us for the 11th time at our Tangoloft Vienna!

Here the program:

Friday, 24th of February

19:00 - 21:00 Seminar: ELEGANCY

- Defining elements of the embrace that help us understand our own style
- Verticality, why is so important and how to be aware of it
- The three frontality postures and what they give to the dancer
- The 3 main weight trajectories for walking like a master
- Exercises to develop all concepts


Saturday, 25th of February

18:30 - 20:30 Seminar: MUSICAL TASTE

- Musical contrast in the dance
- Rhythm versus Melody, how to recognize it ?
- Opening the musical bouquet, songs that help us understand Tango Musical structure
- The Tango musical decorations , using musical connectors and phrase ending
- Practical pauses vs phrasing and “compas”


21:00 - 01:30 Milonga


Sunday, 26th of February

17:00 - 19:00 Seminar: THE HAPPY AND THE ROMANTIC Special seminar on sequences for Milonga and Vals
- El traspie and different variants in parallel and crossed system
- Giros in the Milonga
- Cadenas for Vals using also change of direction
- The oldies moves of Milonga and Vals

1 Seminar (2 h) 60 €/ person, 2 Seminars 100 €, Full package: 150 € (3 Seminars + Milonga)

Milonga: 15 €

Registration: info@tangoacademia.at
If you don't have a dance partner, we can try to find one for you.

Cancellation: on the same day will be charged a 100%.




Sebastian Arce is one of the most renowned tango dancers & teachers of our time. Born in Santiago del Estero/Argentina, he started to dance folclore and tango at the age of 8 years. He learned from the famous milongueros of the old times and Juan Carlos Copes was his artistic father.

Together with Mariana Montes they contributed to the evolution of the Argentine tango internationally. They dance for more than 20 years together. Their work has taken them to visit since '99 over 140 cities and 35 countries. Their names are easily found on the top of the casting of the most renown yearly international tango events.

In February 2009, Sebastian was named "Honorary Academic itinerant" by the National Academy of Tango in Buenos Aires. In 2011, Sebastian and Mariana have created the first school online: TangoMeet!
In 2012, Sebastian founded his school: “Arcetango Academia”.

     Interview with Sebastian & Mariana (Part I):

     Interview with Sebastian & Mariana (Part II):

Past Events

Sebastian Arce at the Tangoloft March 10th-12th 2017:

Das war unser Wochenende vom 19.-22. Nov. 2015 mit den Gastlehrern Laila Rezk & Leandro Oliver:

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