Welcome to the Argentine Tango Academy!

Argentine Tango is a journey into a sensual world.

Come join us in what is more than just a dance but a new way of life!


We inspire and teach adults who want to free themselves from the merry-go-round of thoughts and whirlpools of everyday life through Tango Argentino. And for those who want more liveliness and passion in their lives again.

Tango Argentino consists of different rhythms and flowing melodies. The movements follow this music harmoniously and freely.

In contrast to this is the Ballroom tango, which was developed from the Tango Argentino and adapted to the standard dances. It consists of a fixed 4/4 bar with staccato-like chords. The dance also has fixed sequences and numbered steps.

Immerse yourself in a new attitude towards life:

the Argentinian lightness of being.


After a short time you will feel connected to your own body and your deepest emotions again.

You feel like a sensual human being that can radiate his masculinity or her femininity internally and externally. This will help you find your full charisma and attractiveness for yourself and others.

We are not primarily concerned with learning individual step sequences, but with ....

...your meaning of life and your enjoyment of life. With Tango Argentino you can feel your unity with your body, soul & spirit.

...the essence of Tango Argentino. This is a hug, an improvised dance and body language between two people.

... a new body awareness, where you can release yourself from any tension and feel more lightness & liveliness.


... about the health aspect of body & mind. Dancing Tango Argentino has many positive effects on health.

... the connection with your masculinity or femininity. You can express this freely in Tango Argentino. This also strengthens your effect and your appearance in everyday life.

... the feeling of unity with the dance partner and the community in the group with all Tango Argentino Aficionados (= fans) all over the world. At milongas that take place around the world, like-minded people of all dance levels meet, from beginners to professional dancers.

... an emotion that follows the passionate chords of tango music and is danced in pairs.

... diving into the world of longing and nostalgia of Buenos Aires. A key emotion of tango is nostalgia, evoking longing for something lost and finding solace in the embrace of tango. It is an emotion that always gives hope, even when life is not always easy. It is comforting and calming and gives you a zest for life again.

Hasta pronto y un abrazo tanguero,
Maria Casán y Pablo Ávila


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© Enrique Manzano Images/Misatango Choir Festival Vienna
© Enrique Manzano Images/Misatango Choir Festival Vienna

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© Enrique Manzano Images/Misatango Choir Festival Vienna
© Enrique Manzano Images/Misatango Choir Festival Vienna


Saturday, June 1st:
19.45 Milonga Workshop
21.00 Milonga

10th Tango Week in East Tyrol
Sat. 10th - Sat. 17th of August 2024


Performance at 10th el sabor tango festival in Budapest, August 2023:

Performance in Venice on Nov. 12th:

Pictures & videos of our tango weekend in Munich on Sept. 23rd + 24th here

More pictures of our workshops & performance at Wiener Konzerthaus on Aug 31st + Sept 2nd here

Performance in Soverato/ITA on July 9th:

Pictures from our tango vacations in Soverato here

Performance at Tangobar Vienna on June 1st:

Impressions of our stay in Buenos Aires Jan./Feb. 2017:

Performance in Buenos Aires:

What people say about us:

"Tangoacademia is simply the best tango school in Vienna. Maria and Pablo make group lessons very personal. They are always there to tell you how to improve your dancing, starting from the basics of posture and rhythm, and continuing to intricate details of advanced moves. And with them the sky is the limit.
They set a very high bar for themselves and offer such guidance to everyone else. Regular milongas, workshops, and even retreats make it a complete tango experience within their school."

Igor Salitskiy, Assistent professor at Vienna University of Economics and Business

"They found their talent, picked it up, let it grow and blossom with a hell of a lot of hard work, passion, brains and hearts! ... ok, as well as travelling and training alone and together with the best teachers of the globe ... It is the core, the spine, the spirit, the heart of the tango they dance and teach - "Tango de Salon". Sorry, i have to say that "I knew it!" I chose Maria and Pablo a long time ago, because i consult the very best to learn from - always, and i knew they would become world-class-dancers and teachers! We are lucky to have a couple like this on our doorstep."


ADir. Michael H. Fischer